The Hall and Thompson Families

Two others families who may have been related to the Claytons also had close connections with the Newell family.

Associations of the Hall family with Claytons are found in Cheshire Co., England, in Kent County, Delaware, and in Hyde County, N.C:

In 1701 James Clayton married Anne Hall at Dukenfield Old Chapel Presbyterian Church in Cheshire Co. The year before Phillip Hall had married Jane Clayton in Prestbury (also Cheshire Co.).

In Kent County, Del. John Hall was the husband of Anna Bedwell, daughter of Thomas Bedwell, who was the brother-in-law of James Clayton II. In 1716 Hall was executor of the will of Thomas Bedwell, and James Clayton II was a witness.

In 1734 John Newell conveyed property adjacant his home to John Hall on the north side of Murderkill Creek. It was part of the tract called Bartlett's Lot. In 1739 James Clayton IV inherited 150 acres of John Newell's land, likely near or adjacent to John Hall's property. (This John Hall was a taylor, and Kent Co. records suggest there were two John Halls about that time.)

In 1740 James Clayton (III or IV) and John Hall witnessed the will of John Newell. We may assume this is James, blacksmith, since James Clayton, Sr. was said in 1738 to be 'late of Kent'.

In 1759 James Clayton, blacksmith, and in 1760 James Hall acquired property on Lake Mattamuskeet (Hyde Co., N.C.) from James Clayton, carpenter.

In 1799 James Hall was guardian of Elliott Clayton. (One researcher thought that Jemima Clayton, Elliott's mother, was a Hall.)

(Without any conclusive proof these data suggest that the two families may have been related. There is also considerable inconclusive evidence that members of the Hall and Howell families moved to Edgecombe County, N.C. ca 1740. There is a record of a James Clayton in Edgecombe Co. N.C. as early as 1735.)

James Clayton, blacksmith, mentioned in his wwill a daughter named Tomson. A Thompson family in Delaware had close relationships with the Newells there:

In 1733 John Thompson was conveyed 235 acres of Bartlett's Lot. In 1748 James Clayton and Sylvester Tompson witnessed the will of Wm Newell. by John Newell, adjacent to John Hall. In 1748 James Clayton and Sylvester Tompson witnessed the will of William Newell.

In 1758 John Newell, Jr., as executor of William Newell conveyed to Sylvester Thompson his own and William Newell's right to property inherited from their father, John Newell. The following year John Newell's will was witnessed by Sylvester Thompson. These data suggest there may have been a familial relationship between Thompsons and Newells. In Edgecombe County Thompsons and Halls appear to be closely related.

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