The Hendricks Family

My great grandmother was Ella B. Hendricks, wife of James McGrady Leech; they were my mother's grandparents. Ella B. was the daughter of James O Hendricks, b. SC in 1821,

Thu 07-31-97 Here is the first occurence so far found of James O Hendricks:
1849 James O Hendricks witnessed the will of Mrs. Mary H. Hogue in Lafayette Co. MS.

1850 Miss Laf census 257, house 447
Hendricks Jas O, 29, born in SC, a Teacher
Cherry 21, born in Ala (nee Charity Hayes)
Mary A 2, born in Ala
(The Leach family was on page 300 of Lafayette Co.)

1860 Hendricks J.O. 39 Miss Yalo teacher of common school (Oakdale?) $2000 born in SC Charity 33 born in AL Parthenia 8 born in MS Ella A 3 MS James E 1 MS

(Next door to B.W.Collins 52 hotelkeeper from TN. Wife named Prudence from VA) (Look for Hendricks in SC in 1820 and 1830 with small children. Also GA, TENN, AL.)

1870 census:
Hendricks, Jas O, 48 County Treasurer, land $2500 other $500
Susan A 38 (James Hendricks second wife) from VA
Ella B 13 born MS
James D 10 born MS
Wm W 1 born MS

James O Hendricks and family came to Lafayette 1848-50. The Elbert and Madison Co. GA Hendricks family had been there since 1840 and perhaps before. (I need to find Hendricks and Hays in close proximity ca 1848.)

April 16, 1991 Trying to get over 23 files on disk.

Faxton is a hot prospect for kinsman of James O Hendricks, living very close to Andrew J. Horton in 1850 in Lafayette. Faxton certainly came from Madison Co, Ga. and JJ surely came with him. Either of them is a possibility for father of James O Hendricks. But they were in Lafayette Co in 1840, while James O and Cherry seemed to have been in Ala as late as 1848.

Elias, JJ, Jackson, and William also came from Elbert Co or that part of it which became Madison Co, And J.J.Hendrick was a chain bearer for Faxton in 1823 in Madison Co. GA)

The North Yalobusha group and the Lafayette group were essentially the same family, and the two locations were probably very close.

Miss Lafayette *1840 Hendrick J J census 178 ntl Miss Lafayette *1840 Hendrick Faxton census 163 ntl Miss Lafayette *1840 Hendrick S census 174 ntl

Miss Yalo *1850 Hendrick J J census 430 n of Yalo Miss Lafayette *1850 Hendrick Faxton census 274 ntl Miss Lafayette *1850 Hendrick Nancy census 274 ntl Miss Lafayette *1850 Hendrick James O census 257 ntl, age 29 Of the Hendrick's in 1850 Seaburn seems closest to James O and Faxton is next. Faxton surely came from Madison Co., Ga.: Hendrick Faxton *1815 Ga Elbert tax digest after Elias Hendrick Faxton *1823 Ga Madison warrant surveyed for Hendrick Faxton *1826 Ga Madison warrant surveyed for 7 Hendrick Faxton *1827 Ga Madison warrant suveyed for 22 Hendrick Faxton *1840 Miss Lafayette census 163 ntl Hendrick Faxton *1850 Miss Lafayette census 274 ntl

from ARCHIVES.913:

*1900 Leach James M, Born Sept. 1833, aged 66, married 23 years. b. Ala, father Miss? Mother Miss? carpenter (house), literate, a renter

Ella E. born May 1857, aged 43 mother of 2 children, 1 living married 23 years. b in Miss. father in Ind mother Ala.

Bernard O, b. July 1879, age 20, b. Miss, father Ala, mother Miss. laborer (riveter iron) literate.

*1900 Hendrick James O, said to be born in Ind according to his daughter Ella's census record. Her 1880 census states he was born in Ala. His 1850,60, and 70 records states he was born in SC. That seems more reliable, but very likely the Ind record points to an earlier origin there. It suggests the possibility of contact between the Indiana and SC branches of the Hendricks family, and points toward the tradition that he was related to Thomas Hendricks, VP.

Plans: look up his other children to see what they have for father's birthplace in 1880 and 1900. Prentiss, etc. LC: find out all you can about Lawrence Co: Hendricks and Leech.