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The McIlhenny Family

The writer's GGGG Grandmother was said to be Prudence McElhaney. She lived with her husband, David Leech, Esq in York Co. SC for many years after the Revolution. She is buried in the Leech Family Burial Ground near Turkey Creek in York Co., near the Chester Co. line. Search for her antecendents led to various families of the same (or near the same) name in PA, VA, NC, and SC. Like most Scotch-Irish in the 18th century the McElhaneys seem to have come through the eastern PA portal and moved steadily west and south. (The name has been found spelled in a great variety of ways, which are reflected in the records here described.)

The McIlhenny Family in PA
A man named Ezekiel McIlhenny of Mt. Joy Twp in York Co PA made a will at some point in the 18th century. He had a son, Robert, and very likely a number of other children.

In 1748 a warrant in Drummore Twp of Lancaster Co. PA was issued to Ezekiel McKlehenny adj. 'his old tract'. It adjoined "Andrew Callwell's' land, and also John McConnell. Robert McElehenny had also received a warrant in Drummore Twp in 1745. It fell to Robert Clark in 1809.

In 1762 Ezekiel McElhanny of Drumore twp took a mortgage on a conveyance of Gabriel Scott to William Collins (dead book H page 85: 1762 Colerain twp. William Collins of Colerain twp mortg to Ezekel McElhanny of Drumore twp (Gabriel Scott to Collins date n.s.)

(This is a significant clue that corresponds with the simultaneous occurrence of these three surnames on the Tygar River in Spartanburg Co. SC. Well I'm not sure about Scott, although Scott was on Fishing Cr. and Turkey Cr I believe and intermarried with Dickey.

Ezekiel was the father of Robert, and we may assume that he may have been the ancestor of numbers of McElhennys, McIlhanys, McKlehanys, etc. who proceeded to people Augusta and Lunenburg Counties in VA, and later moved into Lancaster, York, and Chester Counties in SC.

Two girls who may have been Ezekiel's daughters (or perhaps nieces) married two brothers: Jane married Charles Harris, and Mary married James Harris. (the girls' name was spelled McIlhenny.) Charles and James belonged to a large family who were thought by the North Carolina genealogist, Worth Ray, to have followed a path from Somerset Co. Md to Cecil Co. at the forks of the Elk River. There they joined the Alexander and other Scotch Irish families, migrating to Mecklenburg Co. NC.

(David Leech, Esq of York Co. SC married Prudence McElhany, perhaps around the time of the Revolution. One has to wonder what relationship she may have had with these two Harris wives and with Ezekiel. Members of the Harris family have intermarried with the Leech extended family over many years and several states.

Robert McIlhenny
Robert McIlhenny was said to be the 2nd of four brothers who migrated to PA in 1745:
I. Ca 1747 it appears that two warrants may have been issued in Lancaster PA for adjoining property: one of them to David Leech and one to Robert McIlhenny. This area was later found to be in Tyrone Twp of Adams Co. The Leech warrant was dated 1 Sept. 1747. It appears likely that David may not have stayed around very long. In 1810 there was a conveyance of a part of this property which appears to be from George Hoover to Andrew Porter. The accompanying plat shows the contiguity of the properties of Leech and McIlhenny.

This is the first association between Leech and McIlhenny/McElhany that I've found. In 1747 what became Adams was part of Lancaster Co. Adams is immediately west of York and ne of Hagerstown, Md. It's the county Gettysburg is in. Robert McIlhenny is thought to be the son of Ezekiel McIlhenny.

(This makes Robert a possible ancestor of Prudence, who married David Leech, Esq. of York Co. SC.)

Robert McIlhenny Sr. (1715-86) appears to have been a Rev. soldier. He married Agnes Crawford and had a daughter, Anne McElhenny, who in 1780 married William King (1754-1815). He also had a son named Robert, and other children. This family lived in PA.
(This material taken from a book entitled History of the McIlhenny-King Families of Adams Co. PA; Genealogical Forum, Portland, OR. It was kindly sent to the writer by William W. Brewer of 440 Via Los Miradores, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. There is a long genealogical record of descendants here, unfortunately most of them without dates or locations. However they appear to be largely Pennsylvania people. It is uncanny how many surnames appear that are also prominent in the Carolinas and the Old Southwest: McGaughey, Ferguson , Armstrong, Love, Cunningham, McClure, Wilson, Kerr and others. Unfortunately there appear to be very few documentary clues connecting the Pennsylvania families with their southern counterparts.)

A Maryland McElhaney

One record was found showing a Thomas Mackenny (Macklehenny) in Cecil County MD. A patent entitled Strugle granted 1732 (The exact location has not been determined by the writer as of now.)

II. A southern Robert McIlhaney/McElhany:

Another Robert lived for a time in Augusta County VA and then moved to the Waxhaws Community in SC (Lancaster Co.). We may assume that he may have been the nephew or cousin of Robert of Adams Co. He was closely associated with Rev. Alexander Craighead, who in 1735 had been installed as pastor of the church at Middle Octoraro in Lancaster Co. Craighead settled on Cowpasture River in Augusta Co.

Robert McElheny was probably instrumental, with Richard Woods, a merchant from Albemarle (VA), in establishing a church in the Forks of the James. It was called Hall's Meeting House; the site became the town of Lexington. In 1752 Alexander Craighead was certified as minister, but shortly thereafter he went with a large portion of the congregation to the Mecklenburg/Lancaster area of North and South Carolina. Rev. Craighead went from Augusta County with "his congregation" ca 1757 and settled in Sugar Creek, now in the City of Charlotte. The Waxhaws Church was likely part of his charge.

Concurrently Robert McElheny, the same man (or another man of the same name) had in 1751 taken the first deed to the Waxhaws community. (However we read in Kegley that in 1760 Robert McKleheny was processioned by Jospeh Lapsley who lived some 2 miles from the Forks Church in what became Rockbridge Co.

We find in fact the same given names of McElhaneys in Western VA: William, Robert, John, and Samuel that show up in SC about the same time. (This is characteristic of dozens of Scotch Irish names found in both places.)

Meanwhile another migration path (through Lunenberg Co.) was being used by yet other McElhaneys.

Old Lunenburg

Some of the SC McElhaneys may have come down from Pa ca 1739 with the Caldwell Presby Congregation which settled north of the Staunton River around Cub Creek. Thomas Mackhunny got land on Flat Rock Creek in 1746, and several SC McElhaneys were said to be born in Lunenburg Co. Landon Bell states they arrived ca 1739 and many if not most had departed for SC by 1760.

But Flat Rock Cr is a good way from Cubb Ck. The Caldwell list is up on Falling River and Cub Creek while Tho McElhaney settled near the eastern extremity of Lunenburg.

1739 Edloe John Va Lunenburg tract on s side of Flat Rock Creek and both sides of Beaverpond Branches

1746 McElhaney (Mackhunny) Tho Va Lunenburg 330a on Flat Rock Creek (Landon Bell, Old Free State I p 103)

1748 Mucklehunny Tho Va Lunenburg tax list of Hugh Lawson with Saffold and Edloe this tax list extends between Hounds Ck and the Mekerrin. Flat Rock Cr appears to be a bit NE of South Hill, in present day Lunenburg Co. (At that time Lunenburg included quite a few present day VA counties.)

1749 Muckelheney Tho and James Va. Lunenburg tax list of Hugh Lawson (also James Calhoun and John Barry)
1750 Muckelheney Tho and James Va. Lunenburg tax list of Hugh Lawson
1751 Muckelheney James only Va. Lunenburg tax list of Hugh Lawson
1752 Muckelheney James only Va. Lunenburg tax list of Hugh Lawson 1752 Muckelhuney James Va Lunenburg tax list of Hugh Lawson. Others on this list include: John and Robert Scott, Wm Love, Hugh Whily (adj James M), James Caldhoun, Dan Hay, Wm Barry, Humphery and James Garret, James Dicks, Hugh Lawson, Wm Whily, James Daws, David Allen, Andr McConnel, Drury and Robt Moore, Wm Allen, several Hawkins Wm Love is very close, and a much later list shows Wm Love with Thomas Sadler very close to him.

1753 Mucklehoney Wm Va Lunenburg 390a n side of Meherrin from Charles Weatherford for 30 lbs. adj John Booker on river. wit Chris Johnson, John Weatherford and Wm McDow. (Deed bk 3:43)
1755 Mackhaney Wm Va Lunenburg 390a to John Lucas for 30 pds, granted to Charles Weatherford 1749 n side of Merrin, etc. wit Wm Gee, Wm Mcdow Elenor, wife of Mucklehony, relinquished her dower right. signed William X Mucklehonny (Deed Book 4:153) . (Note that in the 1774 will of Robert McElhaney in Lancaster Co SC the McDow family figures prominently.)

1762 McLekanny James of Lunenburg with wife Jean sold 145 acres on the north side of Flat Rock Cr to Edward Thweatt of Amelia Co. The price was 50 lb. adj Edloe and John Rachel. (Thomas McKenney, Muckelhunny had 730a on Flat Creek, acquired in 1746 (330) and 1750 (400))

McElhaney does not appear to be present on the 1767 tax list. Perhaps thhe had gone to Carolina

Here are some interesting names in Lunenburg: Legrand, deGraffenreid, Wylie, Saffron, Harding, McGown, Alexander Moore, Wade, Edloe, Lawson Many of these names recur in upstate, SC

Some Known Lunenburg to SC Patriots
The accounts of SC Revolutionary soldiers includes several of the name who were said to be born in Lunenberg Co. VA:

McElheney Wm b. Lunenburg Co., Va. md Rebecca Coleman, 1759/87
(1745 Coleman James 274a on Allen's ck; 400a n side of Roanoke in Lunen)
(1746 Coleman, James a constable in Lunenburg Old Free State I,p112)
(There were a number of Rebecca Colemans in the Lunenburg Coleman family. The family came originally from Gloucester Co., Abingdon Parish, and were allied with the Boswells cf. Old Free State II191 ff)
"While residing in Chester District he enlisted 1779 under Capt. John Mills and Col Lacey in battle at Mobleys Meeting House. After the fall of Charleston he joined Gen. Sumter. He was in the battles of Sumter's Defeat and Kings Mt. After the war he moved to Ga."

Stephen b ca 1758 Lunenberg, md Ester Walker; died 1840 Enlisted in 1776 in Craven Co. SC under Capt. George Wade, Maj Henderson, Gen Sumter; in many battles under various commanders. (cf. Roster of SC Patriots, SC Roster 619)

Samuel, b. Lunenburg Co. d. 26 July 1846 md. Eliz, April 1792, drafted in 1777 under Capt. Philip Walker and Col John Winn, later Col Lacey; 3rd tour under Mill, Lacey and Sumter, fought at Kings Mountain. (Cf Roster of SC Patriots p 619.)

Other Revolutionary Records of McElhennys:
McElhenny Alexander: militia under Col Robuck after fall of Charleston
(Same unit as Capt. David Leech)

McElheney John: 1780-81 horseman under Capt. Collins (with John Leech)

James McIlheny, b. 1759, living in 96 when he enlisted with Capt. John McIlheny. In 1780 served as Co. Capt. in Col John Thomas Reg. to 1781; then Capt. in Col Hammond's reg.
1786 (ca) James moved from 96 to KY
1832 Pension application in Bath Co. KY
1841 McIlheny died.

South Carolina

Lancaster Co-The Waxhaws
In spite of the McEleney-McDow connection in Lunenburg this branch of the family gives evidence of coming from Augusta County, with Thomas and McClanahan:
(Some of the following records seem to reflect the McElhenny presence in NC and others in SC. At one time the whole area was called Anson Co.)

1751 McElhenny Robert received the first grant in the Waxhaws settlement; it became known as the Old Blair Place. "Some six or seven families made the first settlements in the Waxhaws, Lancaster District, in 1751, and a considerable number of others, chiefly from Augusta Co. and the back parts of Penn. came in 1752 (SC Names XV: 38 Winter 1968)

1752 McElhenny Thomas SC Lancaster 300a in Anson n side of Cataba on the Cataba Branch The McDow Family in America p 52: Royal Grants to Thomas McElhenny Book 10 page 304; 1752 Mackelhenny John of Anson NC Anson 600a from Granville in Anson. (Anson Co. of that date included what later became upstate SC.)
witnesses: Jno Haywood, Jas Carter.
It was recorded in the Nov. court of 1771

1756 Mackelhenny John of Lancaster Pa NC Rowan deeded half of his 600a patent from Granville to George Good for 20 shillings
wit: Robert Gillespie and Jno Dunn

1759 McElhony Tho and wf Jean NC Anson 150a n side of Catawba, commonly called Poplar Spring land.
wit John Thomas, Robt McClenachan
(Anson Co. Deed Abstracts Vol II p. 38)
(I'm not sure which state this property was in.)
(McClanahan had taken Thomas's land on n side of the Roanoke; cf Kegley p 94)
(In 1767 John Thomas was on the north fork of Fishing Creek adj Sadler and Tho Rainey, that is to say, a near neighbor of David Leech.)

Waxhaw McElhaneys
Robert McElhenny died before 1776 and apparently had the following brothers:
Thomas d. 1776 no wife or children mentioned in his will.
James d. ante 1776
Robert d. ante 1776
Stephen living in 1776
Thomas living in 1776
Sam living in 1776
John living in 1776

In 1760 Thomas and Jean McKelheney of NC Anson deeded 150 acres to Wm Richardson for 30 lbs; this was half of the 300 acre grant 3 Apr 1752 on n side of Catawba.
William Richardson was the son-in-law of Rev. Craighead, and a prominent early SC Presbyterian minister.)
wit: Robt McClenachan, Sam Dunlap, Sam Thompson
(Alex. Dunlap was among the original settlers on Calfpasture, near the Cowpasture River where Craighead had settled in VA in 1744. Sam Dunlap and Robert Dunlap were on John Buchanan's list in 1741.)
(This is most likely the Rev. Wm Richardson, husband of Nancy Craighead, the Englishman who had the untimely death after establishing a number of churches in the area.)
(1771 Rev. William Richardson died.)

1776 Thomas McElhenny's will (SC Craven St.Mark's Parish) probated;1776 written 1774 planter
wife Jean
decd James McElhenny's daus. Jean and Agnes and sons Stephen, Thomas, Sam and John McClhenny
Robert McElhennys' son Robert McElhenny
Nephew John McDow and `Catherine his wife.
Mentions:John McElhenny's sons James and Thomas
to Thomas McDow, son of John McDow, part of plantation where I now live in Waxhaws settlement in said parish;
to Robert McDow, son of said McDow, prt of said plantation;
Thomas Thompson, son of Alexander Thompson; my smith tools;
to Agness McDow, dau of John McDow, residue of estate
exors John and David McDow
wit: James Blair, Wilm Ramsey, Robt Dunlap
D. 18 Mar 1774. Proved 13 May 1776 p 36 of will book VV Abstracts of Wills of SC Vol 3 1760-84: p 276

In 1796 Robert McDow made over his 100a of the above property to Wm McDow.


Two Minister-Brothers

In Howe's Hist. of Presby Church in SC, Vol 1. there is a footnote on pp 611-12, which contains portions of a letter from Rev John McElhenny to J.H.Saye; it is a short description of the life of his elder brother, Rev. James McElhenny:

Rev. James McElhenny(1768-1812) was said to have been born in Waxhaws (although Lunenburg Co. VA has also been claimed as his birthplace). His father was John, and his grandfather S McElhenny. The family lived in the Waxhaws (Lancaster Co. SC), and there were 4 sons and 2 daughters. The older son was James. Their father, John, died after the Revolution. The family moved to Chester Co. James McElhenny married Jane Moore at Bethesda Church in York Co. It seems likely that David Leech and Prudence McElhenny were also married there. Was Prudence one of James' two sisters??

James studied with Rev. Jospeh Alexander, pastor of Bullocks Creek Church in York Co. He also studied sciences with Dr. Hall of NC. Licensed and invited to preach at St. Johns Island near Charleston. Due to health he moved to Pendleton District, near the Old Stone Church.

(in 1990 the writer bought a house just off Old Stone Church Road, about a half mile from the church. At that time he had no idea there were kinfolk nearby, but it seems likely that Rev. James McElhenny was his gx uncle.)

"Rev James McElhaney married Jane Moore of Bethesda. According to Hart: Jane Moore was the 5th child of the original James Moore who died (1774-87). She married Rev. James McElhenny. (In 1779 John McElheney, Jr. had witnessed a conveyance of David Leech to the Moore family, of which more is detailed below).

1794 James McElhenny of Chester Co. SC, was one of four presidents of the Philomathic Society, instituted this year, a debating society. Another member was Jackson McElhenney. (Chester Bulletin for June, 1992 p 58/9.) (Perhaps the man who had just married Jane Moore and went to Old Stone Church in Pendleton.)

In 1801 Rev. James McElhenny was installed pastor of Old Stone Church, Pendleton Co, SC, which had just been built. He purchased the John C. Calhoun residence. He died in 1812 at age 44 and is buried in the cemetery there, in Clemson, which is now in Pickens Co. His son in law was Rev. James Archibald Murphy, husband of Jane McElhenny. He died the same year. It was said that they were trying to grow rice in the swamps, which led to their death.

Rev. James McElhenny's 2nd wife was Mrs. Smith Wilkinson; his step-daughter, Susan Wilkinson married Governor Andrew Pickens. Her son was Francis W. Pickens who served as South Carolina's governor during the Civil War.
(Members of the Pickens extended family are buried at Rock Springs Presbyterian Church in Mt. Hope in Lawrence Co. AL, a few miles from where Prudence McElhany Leech's son, John lived.)

Rev. James' grandson, James Archibald Murphy, Jr. md Dorcas Moore, probably a cousin. Their son, James Archibald Murphy III died unmarried.

Jane McElhenny Murphy, a widow, married again to her first cousin, Alfred Moore.

Rev. John McElhaney (1781-1871)was born in Waxhaws. His patriot father died when he was an infant. He was reared by his older brother, James. There father was John.

At school time he chose Yale, but it was closed due to yellow-fever; so he went with his schoolmate, Sam Wilson to Washington Academy. He was ordained in Rockbridge Co. VA, but served in York Co.SC most of his life. He died in 1871.

(Another James McIlheny was said to be born in York Co. SC in 1759 (although there was no York Co. SC at that time) and living in District 96 when he enlisted with Capt. John McIlheny. This may be the Spartanburg family. He was later Company Captain in the regiments of Col John Thomas and Col. Hammond.)

Alexander McElhenny was in the militia under Col Robuck after fall of Charleston lost a horse. (Same unit as Capt. David Leech)
There were land grants to a man of this name over on the Saluda River.

York Co. SC

The two Rev. McElhaneys were members of Bethesda Church, probably organized by Rev. Wm Richardson about the time he acquired half of the land grant of Thomas and Jean McKelheney in Lancaster Co. It was located a few miles southeast of Yorkville in York Co. Here worshiped David Leech of the writer's family and many other families associated with LEECH, both in York Co. and later in Lawrence Co. AL. This is certain in the cases of ASH and DICKEY and probably quite a few others. For example Hezekiah Balch, a missionary from the New York Synod, often preached at Bethesda; a person of that name is found in the 1820 Lawrence Co. census.

Bethesda Church is a few miles south and a little east from Yorkville 20 miles from the Broad and 17 miles from the Catawba. The congregation is listed in History of the Presbyterian Church of SC, by Haire, p. 338.

In 1759 Thomas and Jean Mcelhony got property on the Catawba, and in 1767 James and Wm McElkene acquired 500a on Fishing Creek, witnessed by Tho and Jane McElkeny.

In 1763 James Moore had received a grant on the south fork of Fishing Creek. 126 acres of it were conveyed to David Leech in 1769. In 1779 David Leech, tanner, conveyed it back to John Moore, Jr. perhaps a son of James Moore, the original grantee. One of the witnesses was John McElheney, Jr. (Recall that Rev. James McElhaney was to marry Jane Moore, said to be the 5th child of the original James Moore.

1767 McElkene Jas and Wm SC York/Chester 500a from James Johnston for 200 lbs. on Fishing Creek, which Johnston bought from Wm Jones in 1754 (SC Deed Abstracts III p 364)
wit Tho and Jane McElkeny, Catherine McAdoo
(Since a granddaughter of Prudence McElhaney, Jane Leech married Able Johnston in Lawrence AL in 1824, one can't help wondering if this James Johnston may be an ancestor of Able.)

Chester County

In 1799 John McElhany, late of Chester Co for $300 sold to Eliezar Alexander 300 acres on e side of Cane cr. on both sides of the Road called the Lands Ford Road adj Eliezar Alexander, Eliz and Wm McMeen, John Simpson, Ben. Cudworth and David Adams.
wit Alexdr Moore, Thos McElhenny
Agnes McElheney X relinquished dower rights before John Simpson, J.L.C.
(Was John McElhany going to KY?)

1814 McElhenny Stephen SC Chester adj to land on Fishing Creek which John Blair sold to Sam Rainey Book R Page 352 Chester County Deeds: Sept 13 1814, John Blair of York District SC, for 325 dollars, to Samuel Rainey of Chester, 122 ac in Chester District on south fork of Fishing Creek, bounded by Allen Knight on north, Stephen McElhenny on east, Thomas Wallace on south, Samuel Rainey on west, conveyed from James Wallace to William Miller, and from John Kennedy, Sheriff of Chester County, as the property of said Miller to Samuel McNeels, to John Blair. (Guardian of David B. Martin) Witnesses: Thomas Wallace, ?JP, James Martin.
(I have not ascertained the nature of the relationship between the McElhaney and Blair families, but it certainly seems significant. Consider for example that another granddaughter of Prudence McElhaney Leech, Clarissa Fineta Leech, married John Dickey Blair in Lawrence Co. AL. Consider also that this John Blair was the guardian of David Martin, perhaps the same David Martin who was a neighbor of Prudence's son, John Leech in Lawrence Co.

1819 McElhenny Robert SC Chester 195a from exors of John Wright Decd (James Gill of Chester and Robert Love of York) tract orig granted to James Bigham 6 Oct 1763 (100a), then resurveyed by John McReary, Surv for Estate of John Wright it was 195a adj Wm Brown, Pagan, John Gills corner wit James Wallace Sam Bannon proved before Tho Wallace by Tho McElhennny who said James Wallace swore to him.

Chester Wills Vol II, Book G, p 71:
1821 McElheny James SC Chester will (He seems to be a batchelor!)
sister: Nancy McElhany 150a where I live.
at her death divided between 3 sons of Steven McElheny:
James, Robt, and John.
James to get 50a adj Jonathan Wallace.
Brother Sam and James (Sam's son?) the property which they now have.
exor Sam McNeil
wits John Clark, Eliz McNeil, Esther McElheny
proved 1822
( from this I get:
siblings: James, Nancy, Steven and Sam.
Steven's sons: James, Robt and John
Sam's son: James
This certainly appears to be the McElheny family on page 276 in Chester in 1810, while David Leech was on page 274.

Spartanburg and Greenville Counties
Patent Entry Book:
ND McElheney Alexander SC 134a n side of Saluda p 75
ND McElheney Alexander SC 200a n side of Saluda River p. 12
ND McElheney James SC 400a South Saluda R. p 8
ND McElheney John Sr. SC 200a both sides middle fork of Tyger p. 69
ND McElheney Wm SC 624a both side Chechoroa River of Saluda p 28

1767 McKlekeny, John SC Spartanburg 100a s sides of n. fork of Tygar River, adj Thomas Collins, John Leech & his own land. File no. 86; grant no. 104 Bk 20 p. 43(a SC instrument)

Mecklenburg Co NC Warrants (may be repetitious):
1769 Mackilhany John NC Meck 100a s side of N fork of Tyger adj Tho Collins and Francis Dodd's lines (an NC instrument)

1769 Mackilhany John NC Meck 200a N fork of Tyger on Browns Ck betwen John Prince and John Miller

1788 McElheny John and wife Anne Armstrong SC Spartan 500a in Greenville Co.(N. side of Saluda for 5 shillings to John and Wm Armstrong wit: Martin Armstrong, Wm Stiggs, James Jordan
(This was a 1785 grant to Ann Armstrong, which suggests that John McElheny may have married Ann Armstrong between 1785-88.

In 1767 John McKlekeny/McIlhenny and John Leech had adjoining property on the Tygar. John Leech died in 1799, and most of his family moved to Kentucky. Among his sons was James, b. 1779. He married Martha Drennon. Among their eleven children were James McElhaney Leech, b 1819 Caldwell County KY (died 1874) (married Elizabeth Ann Dunbar).

The origin of the name James McElhaney Leech is unclear. There are two possibilities: one that it stems from his grandfather, John Leech's association with his neighbor on the Tygar. The other that it stems from his mother's family. It appears that the Drennons may have been members of the Old Stone Church in Pendleton (now Pickens) Co. SC during the years of the pastorate of Rev. James McElhaney.

McElhaneys in Alabama
1830 McElhany David Ala Madison census 130
1830 McElhany James Ala Clar census 234

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